Sunday, October 11, 2009

15 things we love about Geary


1. I like that he wrestles with me.

2. He reads me stories every night.

3. He taught me to ride my bike.

4. I like walking home from school with him.

5. I like that he teaches me stuff like the Egyptians and Israel and Bible Times stuff. He's smart.


1. Blanket.

2. Cuddle me.

3. Wrestle me.

4. Go walks in stroller.

5. Tickle Daddy.


1. I love his helping hands. He is truly a servant leader.

2. I love that he has not stopped romancing me.

3. I am so proud of the way he protects and cares for our home.

4. He is an incredible father. My boys are richly blessed.

5. I love learning from him. He is a gifted teacher.

Happy Birthday, Geary!

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