Friday, September 25, 2009

Wife of my Youth and Birthday

Happy Birthday Jeana!

I don't know how to add pictures to this thing so please just picture a happy healthy young woman . . . pregnant and sexy!

I just wanted to add that there are two beautiful things about my wife that should be celebrated today. One is that she is a great singer. She has always been. In my courting days of Jeana Todd she was on the worship team of our church and I got to gaze upon her every Sunday . . . not good worship etiquette I know. But, that has not changed. Just last Wednesday Jeana left the family to go to choir practice. She does a great job.

The thing that has changed is that I now gaze upon a mom every Sunday. A great mom! I know this because last Wednesday, the very same Wednesday already mentioned, Toby (2 yrs. old) just had a fifteen minute meltdown crying his eyes out. Why? He missed this beautiful singer and he didn't give a hoot that she was at choir--he wanted her hugs and kisses and he wanted to be sung to himself. I tried. Toby would have none of it. He wanted her! And she came home and went in and sang to him. Everything was good.

And Jeana Linhart is a good wife--for the things that I recognized way back then, and she is good for so many more reasons now. She piles up the good.

Happy Birthday Wife!


  1. Mr Linhart! I just found your family blog off of our friends the Carlsons' blog. It's good to see that your family is growing and doing so well. I would love to catch up with you all sometime. It's amazing what happens in a few years.

    The last couple years have been busy for my family. Christina got married to a paramedic/fireman named Jon Hyde and they have recently purchased a house in Springfield, OR. I got married to an architect I met as a student at WSU (Nick Baxter), and we've moved back to the Seattle area and I am now managing a coffee shop and selling my art. We bought a house last march and we are expecting baby #1 on March 20th!

    All that to say, it's good to hear from you (even though you weren't necessarily talking to me) and I hope all continues to go well with you both and all your kiddos.

    God Bless!

    Amy (Hood) Baxter


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