Sunday, August 02, 2009

Right Now

Noah is wearing a t-shirt and underwear and a blue cape. He is holding a robot mask in one hand and a foam sword in the other. Toby is wearing a diaper and a plastic knight helmet. He is straddling a stick horse.

Noah: Toby, you can help me save the world if you want to.

Toby: No! My save the world!


  1. Priceless isn't it? If only moments like those could just last forever. But they have to grow up don't they? Bummer.
    Thanks for coming by my blog and my online store. I'm going to Etsy now. :)

  2. Pictures!!! Where are the pictures??? :) Just kidding - that is definitely priceless!

  3. I have a feeling they may accomplish saving the world, too! So adorable.

  4. CLASSIC! i love boys. everything is a battle and epic adventure. your new little one will be in such good company:)


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