Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Random

We got our car back from the body shop. It looks better than ever and they even detailed the inside--it's so clean! Noah said, "Now we never have to wash our car again!" I wish. But I definitely appreciate the unexpected "reset" on car cleanliness. I also wish I could have that for my house.

In other news, the Episcopal church that right next to our church held an outdoor service last Sunday. Noah saw the bishops in their robes and asked, "Why are they wearing Jedi costumes?"

Yesterday Toby added to his list of Funny-Words-That-Make-Mom-Laugh. He started shouting, "May Coh! May Coh!" Then he did this funny one leg stomping in a circle dance. Turns out he had noticed the mail lady and was informing us of, "Mail Call!"

Sometimes I think there is no way I could love my life more.

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