Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's just not working have two legs.

On our way home from Seattle today we listened to a CD that a couple songs in a row about the church being one body.

Jeana: How come we never talk about how the church is supposed to act using the tribes of Israel as an example? I mean we talk about families, and bodies, and trees but never the 12 tribes.

Geary: Nope. I've never heard it.

Jeana: I mean, I don't think there is a great metaphor or that it's a biblical illustration necessarily, but it's kind of a good example to follow. I mean, all the tribes are related but they each have their own roles and their own parts of the land. And they don't say stupid things like, "Well, we can't hang out because you're Gadite and we're Simeonite." They're just...brothers. They are most importantly children of Israel. So churches should be like that. We should be saying, "That's my brother, Joe Presbyterian." And most importantly being the family of Christians...the Kingdom...the Home. You know?

Geary (nodding): I love you.

Jeana: Thank you. I love you, too.

Geary: And that just proves that I could only marry a one-legged nobleman.

Jeana: What? A one-legged nobleman??

Geary (laughing): No! I said it just proves I could only marry a Multnomah woman!


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