Wednesday, July 08, 2009

District of Columbia

Once upon a time Geary came home from work and Jeana met him at the door. They shared a sweet kiss and Geary squeezed Jeana in his arms and said, "You know what? Someday I want to go to Washington D.C. with you. Just you, no kids."

Jeana blushed, "Really? That would fun. I've never been there before."

"Not even in 8th grade?"

"Not even in 8th grade. I would really love to visit New York City."

"Yeah, that would be fun, too."

"Anyway, can you keep Toby out of my hair while I finish dinner?"

Geary came inside and entertained his two sons and Jeana didn't think another thought about Washington D.C.

One Week Later

Geary: I booked our flight!

Jeana: What flight?

Geary: To Washington D.C., remember?

Jeana: What?!

Six Weeks Later

Geary and Jeana are driving up to Seattle today to drop the boys off with Jeana's parents. Then they will take a red-eye flight out of Seattle to Washington D.C. where they will spend 2 days sightseeing and just being together as a couple. Geary has grand plans for visiting the Library of Congress and Jeana thinks she can only stand about 10 minutes of that so she has made her own grand plans to visit as much of the Smithsonian as possible, especially the part with Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Pray that they have a safe flight and that Geary doesn't exceed the weight limit with all the books he will probably try to bring home.

See you Sunday!


  1. No, no, no! I already checked and learned that you can buy anything you see on their website and then you don't even have to pay tax!

  2. You don't have to pay tax in Oregon, anyway!

  3. Have a GREAT time! Q. and I got to visit family near there while I was 7 mos. prego. So I've waddled all over the national monuments but we only had one day so no luck w/ the museums. :) Good luck with the ruby slippers and have fun just being the TWO of you!

  4. Have a great time guys! And if you have a chance, wave north (and a bit east)at us!

  5. Darn! Wish I was there when you are. You'll have a great time. Let me know if you need any tips for your visit. I miss living in D.C. already.


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