Friday, July 17, 2009

Banadana Pants

My first attempt at making clothes was a huge success! I followed this tutorial for making pants out of bandanas. It was super easy and I'm excited to make more--these are the perfect summer time play pants. Noah wore his as pajamas last night and said they were the most comfy pants ever.

I used the traditional bandana pattern for Toby's pants.
I love how they are sort of hippyish sort of surfer.
They are truly long pants on Toby.
Noah chose bandanas with a flame pattern.

They fit more like board shorts on him.

For reference, Toby wears a 2T and Noah wears a 5/6. I can add more elastic to Toby's for when he gets bigger and Noah's could potentially fit for another couple years...assuming these pants don't wear out by then. I would suggest buying sturdier bandanas. I bought these at the dollar store and the edges got really stringy after washing them.

Cheap, easy, and fun! I'm so glad I tried this!

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  1. Great shorts! I made some last summer for both boys and more for the toddler for this summer. I love the look - they're such fun and easy to make!



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