Monday, June 01, 2009


Toby doesn't like baths. I'm not sure what happened. He used to love them. He would happily splash and play with all his bath toys. Now he screams from the moment I set him in the water to the moment I take him out and wrap him in a towel. It is torture. For both of us.

So...I do what any sane parent would do. I try to make the process as quick as possible. And sometimes that means just giving him a 2 minute shower. I soap him up, shampoo his hair, and then stick him under the spray to rinse and we're done. Before he can even work up the crocodile tears.

We did this last night and as I was cuddling my two year old in a towel he was happily saying, "All done! All done shower! All done water!"

I slathered him with lotion, brushed his teeth, put on a fresh diaper and clean pajamas. And then he asked for a cup of water.

"I like water. Water please, mama?"

"You like water, Toby?"

"Yeah." And then with his brows lowered, "I like water cup. No water shower."



  1. At least you don't have to lick him yourself like a mother cat.

    So looking forward to motherhood...

  2. If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you Lord that I could fly. And if I were I mother cat, I'd lick my baby just like that. But I just thank you Father for making me me! (and not a cat!)

    You're going to be very good at motherhood, Lorraine.

  3. Our newest little one screams everytime she gets a bath, too! I can't figure it out. I think we have had only 2 baths in these first 4 months that didn't include tears and crying. Crazy...she is 100% happy doing everything else. How do your guys do in the pool?


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