Friday, June 12, 2009

Karissa Explains It All

Geary's sister and her two daughters were staying with us this past week. Analia (7) and Karissa (4) were really fun to have around and I know the boys greatly enjoyed having cousin time. Karissa was especially funny this week. Here are some of her best quotes:

Noah and Analia were trying to figure out sleeping arrangements. Anita and I offered them a few choices and then excused them to go discuss their options...

Anita: Okay, you go talk about it and come back when you're ready to submit your proposal.

Karissa: Purple Zilla!?!?!

Karissa was hugging Noah tightly and he didn't like it. After Noah asked her stop several times Anita had to intervene...

Anita: Karissa, he doesn't like it! Did Noah ask you to stop?
Karissa: Yes...
Anita: So why didn't you stop?
Karissa: I didn't hear him.

Way past the kids' bedtime and Karissa was still wide awake...

Karissa: I'm asleep now! Hey! I'm SLEEPING! I'm asleep now!

After rejecting and ignoring her enchilada casserole for dinner Karissa heard the adults talking about getting ice cream for dessert...

Anita: Karissa, if you want any ice cream you'll need to finish your enchilada casserole.
Karissa: Okay! I love it!


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