Monday, May 25, 2009

Pregnancy Brain Revisited

Remember this one post from when Jeana was pregnant with Tobin?

Something definitely is strange about pregnant time. This new pregnancy has added . . . the following troubled morning:

1) I'm working outsided this morning. I want to spray the weeds with poison. I want my two-year old to go back inside. I want to inform my wife. I open the back door, "Jeana!"

Immediate reply from the kitchen, "No!"

Toby had not been making an easy morning for mommy and she was done with him.

2) I knew I was making lunch and not spraying weeds. So, we microwave chicken patties and eat them quickly between hamburger buns. Jeana is hungry too, so she makes one herself cleaning up as she goes. I get the boys settled, leaving myself to eat. I can't find the ketchup. Everybody is eating their patties with ketchup; I stick with mayonaise and mustard. Not bad, but where did the ketchup go?

3) I made some coffee really quick--Jeana likes the idea of iced-latte. I do too. I grab a black coffee cup and press the dispenser. Our coffee maker is one of those that doesn't have a caraff but just has a resevoir and a cup-sized dispenser. I sit down and enjoy while Jeana fends for herself. I'm talking to Toby sipping my coffee when Jeana yelps, "Ahhh!" What's wrong? "We shouldn't have black coffee cups!" Jeana exclaims. But she is chuckling at herself. I guess with black coffee being dispensed into a black cup it is hard to tell when it is full unless it is overflowing onto the counter. "Ahhh!"

4) I need to put the ice away after the ice-latte idea. As I close the door to the freezer I notice a funny looking bottle in the freezer door. There's the ketchup!


  1. Mea culpa! I am fully expecting this baby to be a mega-genius based on the all brain cells its been stealing from me.

  2. It's ok Jeana, brain cells are overrated!

    Love the new blog design!!!


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