Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keep an eye on your spoons, people

After school yesterday...

Jeana: I heard your teacher talking about cheating today.

Noah: Yeah, we give cheating a thumbs down.

Jeana: What is cheating?

Noah: It's stealing answers. And villians are who steal. I don't want to be a villian.

Jeana: I don't want you to be a villian either.

Noah: It's strange because I didn't know villains stole answers. They mostly steal gold, money, and silverware.


  1. That made me laugh really hard! One day I really want to meet Noah!

  2. Your Noah is so unique. I really appreciate his take on the world. What a great kid!

  3. Ha! So funny! This reminds me of the cartoon when we were kids (was it ducktails?) where the villains were three bad guys who always got caught, and their mom, the baddest of them all, would come visit them in jail and bring them cakes...but baked into the cakes was (bom, bom. bom) a FILE! Or a chain saw, or some other escape device! Gotta watch out for those villain types!

  4. i want noah to protect my castle!


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