Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Edition

This is what my "baking drawer" used to look like. It started off just being a drawer that held cookie cutters and measuring cups/spoons. But pretty soon it became a dumping ground for any miscellaneous kitchen utensil. It was very frustrating trying to find things in there. Especially the 1/4 tsp.
I really dislike how measuring cups and spoons are always on a ring. If you keep them together they just get in the way. If you take them off the ring they never get put back on. I needed a way to be able to access whichever size I needed without having to deal with rings or digging in a messy drawer.

The solution? Peel and stick hooks! I also rearranged this cupboard to hold my mixing bowls so they would no longer be buried under rubber spatulas and sandwich cutters.

The other door to this cupboard now holds spices on a rack I found at a thrift store. And that drawer full of clutter? Now it looks like this:

I used cardboard boxes to make sections for cookie cutters, sandwich cutters, mixing utensils, and just a small area for misc. stuff like funnels and pastry combs.

Of course after I did all this I had to reorganize ALL the other cupboards but I'll spare you the pictures. It feels so good to be organized! Have you started spring cleaning? What organizing tips do you have?


  1. I also recently reorganized my baking drawer and our cookie cutters are also in a cardboard box. And my measuring spoons are all in an old yogurt tub. Isn't it great to reorganize without spending a lot of money?

  2. Ahhh! I would not dare to post a picture of my disorganization. Again, I'm very inspired by you. Maybe I'll get busy on it since I have no real schedule this week. Look great, Jeana.

  3. So when can you come over and help me think of a solution for my spice cupboard and drink cupboard? :)

  4. ooh! I LIKE this! =) Unfortunately I'm packing instead of cleaning, but I can't wait to move into my next place and get all organized! =)

  5. this is A-MAY-ZING!!! those peel and stick hooks are wondrous AND cheap! thanks for the inspiration. really. i'm totally doing this.

  6. Wow Jeana - you did a great job! I absolutely love organizing and these pictures seriously make me so so happy - not only because everything has it's place but also because I know it will make your life easier :-)

  7. That is awesome Jeanna! I love organization stories like that. :) Good job!!


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