Thursday, February 12, 2009

Team Member

Last night went really well. I was nervous, but the team was really relaxed which put me at ease. I was honest about my limitations and my desire to learn more. And in the end, the Worship and Arts Pastor gave me a high five and said, "Good job. See you at 7:45 Sunday morning." I'm singing in both services. I have a feeling God is going to use this to grow and stretch me in many, many ways. I'm excited for it. And ultimately I hope he will use me in this to motivate people toward a deeper relationship with himself. What a privilege!


  1. sounds like fun.... glad you get to use your gifts!

  2. Congratulations! It's always a treat hearing you sing behind me in the pew, and now we'll all have the pleasure. I admire your talents and your willingness to share them.


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