Thursday, February 05, 2009

Geeks in Love

Geary: On the blog when you said I was a good budgeter...

Jeana: Oh yeah, did you like that?

Geary: Yeah, but I think you typed 'budgetEER'.

Jeana: Ha ha, that's kind of funny.

Geary: Like Mouseketeer.

Jeana: Or...we're the Budgeteers! And you can be one, too. 'Cause savin' our money is the thing to do. Spending and consuming is not the way. Here's what Captain Budget has to say!*

Geary: You're a geek.

Jeana: I'm gonna call you Captain Budget from now on.

*a gold star for you if you know the real song to my parody.


  1. I guess captain planet? (and the planeteers?)

  2. geeks in love are the best kind. we just don't care what anyone else thinks:)


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