Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truth Telling

Noah: Mom...I have to tell you something.

Jeana: Okay, go ahead.

Noah: Well, I was cleaning up my paints like you told me but I got red paint on my thumb when I closed the thing and I went to wash my hands but then I had a big problem.

Jeana: What happened?

Noah: I got red paint on the soap. But it was still on my hand. So I had to dry my hands but I got paint on one towel and two washcloths and maybe another towel.

Jeana (groaning): Okay, let me go see what I can do. Thank you for telling me.

Noah: I wanted to tell you because I wanted to get in trouble.

Jeana: You wanted to get in trouble?

Noah: Well, I wanted to get in a little trouble. I knew if I didn't tell you I would get in big trouble and I just wanted to be in a little trouble.


  1. Now THAT is ONE SMART BOY! Must get it from his Mama... :)


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