Monday, January 26, 2009

More Baubles

Here are some pictures of the latest jewelry I've made. I apologize for the poor picture quality--I need to learn how to photograph my jewelry so that it looks...nice, at least! So far I know all about the macro button, but I'm still figuring out lighting and flash problems. But in the meantime I'm just excited to show you what I've made. All of these pieces are for sale (unless otherwise noted) so if you see something you like, let me know and I'll send you more information!

Orange Blossom Necklace: deep orange rhinestones dangling from copper wire twisted into a branch design. Pure african copper bead strung on bronze wire for the chain.

Silver Garden Necklace: silver flower charms and beads twisted with silver plated German wire on a silver plated "bubble" chain.

Plum Tree Necklace: Amethyst and lavender colored Czech fire-polished beads with copper wire. Amethyst Czech beads are randomly mixed with pure african copper beads for the chain.

River Bed Necklace: Turquoise glass beads, dark brown wooden beads, and copper wire. A random mix of brown, amber, turquoise, and peridot seed beads for the chain. __________________________________________________________

Rose-Hip Necklace: garnet Swarovski crystal briolette wrapped in silver plated wire.

Branch Earrings: deep brown wooden beads on silver plated wire twisted into a branch design. Due to being handmade these earrings are similar but not exact matches. Stainless steel ear hooks.

Sweet Juniper Necklace: teal wooden beads in a twisted branch design with copper wire. Still awaiting a chain.
Robin's Nest Necklace: teal wooden beads rest in a copper wire nest. Still awaiting a chain.

Sundrop Earrings: pale yellow beads with golden flecks, strung on flexible gold wire.
14K gold ear hooks.
I'm still planning on opening an Etsy shop but I need a name! Two name ideas I'm considering are:
Ruby Willow--Geary suggested this name during a brainstorming session and it's just kind of stuck with me. I love willow trees and dark red is one of my favorite colors. I also like how the words just sound.
Bird on a Wire--I like little birds (as a design element--not as pets) and I'm primarily working with wire. I can imagine the cute logos I could come up with but I'm worried that this is too trendy. Also, I could name my etsy shop Bird on a Wire but my etsy address would have to be something different (such as that be confusing?
So...any thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? I'm open to any and every idea. And I would also love to know if you like my latest jewelry pieces. Thanks, friends!


  1. I love every single one! Wow.. you definitely have a gift! I think my favorite one was the first one, but then I loved the juniper branch too.... oh.. I think I liked them all. You amaze me! (I like the Ruby Willow... that sounds nice!)
    hope the business goes well... I will have to save up for one! Definitely have to!

  2. Ooh! I'm digging that juniper tree necklace in particular. All are so cute.

    Here's a tutorial to build a portable light box, so that you can shoot jewelry/objects in more diffused light.

    Also, I find that putting jewelery on a scanner (if you have one) with a backing of white paper can sometimes yield good results.

    xxo Becky

  3. Thanks for you encouragement, ladies! It means SO much to me as I was feeling a bit insecure about my work. It's always scary for me to just put myself out there.

    Becky, thank you for that link to the lightbox tutorial! I'm so going to make on and I already have the perfect lamps! Also, I tried scanning a few pieces and it does work! I love having genius friends!

  4. absolutely beautiful. i too know it is extremely "naked" feeling to put your work out there and i am so proud of you for it. (sheesh, woman, you put your weight on the world wide are one enlightened individual:) they are each exquisite, unique and i would love each one. how much are you charging for the silver garden necklace? it's my favorite. these would also make such special gifts. let me know the price and shipping.

    i like the sound of both of the names, but totally understand how bird on a wire could be hard on etsy and maybe too used.

    the most sucessful etsy shops i see are featured on blogs and then get traffic that way. cuz, if you just search "jewelry" on etsy you'll get like a million matches. there's a few blogs that will link your blog for free if you do a giveaway of your product. let me know if you want their addresses. if you have any ideas for marketing, please let me know. i'm trying to get "out there" as well.
    can't wait to see this progress!!

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  6. Those are great pieces! I know, there is a trick for photographing jewelry. My friend Tracy does jewelry design and we used to spend hours trying to figure it out. Turns out it's easier than you think. Make yourself a white box or make it out of thick paper, doesn't have to be fancy and you can get away with three sides only. It also has to be tall enough for the flash to bounce from. Then bounce your external flash off one of the white sides, depending on what you want for shadow area. Try them all and see what fits, sometimes it's per piece and it may take a few shots of each to get it right. Also, a trick for the lens even when it's not on the macro setting is to not zoom into it like you may think but to use it a it's lowest, maybe a little zoomed but not much, then it focuses better. Shew! That was a long comment! :)

  7. OK, I will tell the internetiverse out there right now that this girl is TALENTED, and her stuff is even BETTER in person. OMG.

    Signed, Proud Owner of JEANA NECKLACE


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