Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Noah James!

Jeana: So, how does it feel to be six? Any different?

Noah: No. I'm really surprised about that. It feels exactly the same as five. And anyway, thanks for keeping my secret.

Jeana: What secret?

Noah: About me being a superhero. I still am one even though I'm six now.

Jeana: Right. there anything you're looking forward to about being six?

Noah: Yeah. Seeing Lili at Christmas time so I can tell her we're the same age. And I hope I'm taller than her, too.
In the car on they way to see a movie with his friend from kindergarten...

Noah: I really am superhero.

Friend: No, you're just pretending.

Noah: No. I really am! I don't have any powers but I am a superhero.

Friend: How can you be?

Noah: Well...I have the uniform.


  1. Happy Birthday Superhero Noah! Just so you know no one told me you were a superhero I just knew it, it radiates from you.

  2. AWE.

    happy birthday to that handsomely uniformed superhero!


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