Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hi! We're still here. I'm not sure what's happened over the last couple of weeks to make me forget about blogging, but we're still here. Probably we're simply enjoying my beloved fall season. The trees are blazing with color, the air is cooler and crispier, and I have been baking apple pies and pumpkin cookies like a mad woman!

Noah is enjoying the cooler weather, too. He even made sure to find a hat and jacket for his puppy before they went on a walk with Geary.

On Monday night, Noah made dinner for us. Pizza! I bought two of those premade Boboli type crusts and set Noah up with some tomato sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni. He did everything by himself except put the pies in the oven. They turned out great!

The chef being rewarded by his work.

Little brother liked it, too.


  1. They're growing so fast, I can't believe it! Noah can take his chef act on the road ANYTIME. Glad you're enjoying your fall. It's still weirdly hot down here but what else is new in the land of SoCal. xoxo Becky

  2. And yet with all that baking... no cookies have arrived in our mailbox. That is so weird.


  3. yey, noah! homemade pizza by kindergartner hands is the tastiest!!


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