Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been sick. Sunday afternoon I came home from a fabulous Girls' Weekend Away at my mother-in-law's house thinking that I was tired from all the fun I had.
So I took a nap.
And I woke up with a fever.
And then I had some chills.
So I took a shower to get warm.
And then I had fever again.
And on it went like that until yesterday.

Yesterday I started to get this tickle in my throat. The tickle that turned into a mild cough. Which is now a full on body-wrenching-lung-hacking-phlegm-spitting-wet-my-pants type of cough. And I wish I were only kidding about that last part.

Our house is a disaster. Yesterday I used up all my energy cleaning up the living room. Then I cleaned one of the toilets because I'm pretty sure something was growing in there. The other toilet is still growing something and I hope to find the energy to clean it today. I'm kind of scared--it might have teeth.

But despite all the sickness and the messy house we are surviving. Geary has been an amazing help and has picked up much of the slack. He's taken the boys out every day so that I can rest. He prepares their dinner and puts them to bed and cleans the kitchen every night. He's an amazing dad and it makes me fall even more in love with him as I see him sacrifice himself and his time for all of us. I can't wait to get over this cough so that I can cover him with kisses.


  1. Eesh. I can sympathize. I've been fighting some awful hacking Rio bug this week, too.

    I hate being sick, because it feels like the house is lying in wait to attack me whenever I get better. Though I sometimes fight back with strategically placed dollops of bleach, just to keep the toilet monsters from growing actual teeth.

    I did make Tim scrape off the half-inch-long fuzz we found growing in our one bathroom when we came back here from the United States. I promise that bathroom was clean when I left it in June...

    Get well soon!

  2. I'm in bed, too! I won't give you the gory details here.. just: yuuuuuck.

    Take care! I will too!


  3. Wish I lived closer.. I would come help out... feel better soon!


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