Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling the Love

When we moved to Newberg it was our prayer and hope that we would be moving into a community that would feel like family. We wanted to be friends with our neighbors, to be able to walk to church, and to have the type of friendships that stuck through thick and thin. It was our desire to share life with a group of people that made it a priority to celebrate together, grieve together, pray together, and take care of one another. In the year that we have been in Newberg we have been able to celebrate job promotions, grieve over job losses, rejoice over new babies, and care for friends who have gone through surgeries. And it has been a huge blessing to be deeply involved in peoples lives like that. To love them without condition and to be allowed to see past the surface and really get involved in all the beautiful, messy, real parts of life.

And now we are on the receiving end of that love. In just the one day since I found out I have pneumonia I've been blessed over and over again.

Katy sacrificed her day to drive me to my doctor's appointment because I didn't trust myself drive with such violent coughing fits. Not only that, but she watched Toby for me in the waiting room while also caring for her own 4 month old son. Here are the sleeping car buddies:

Audrey took care of Noah when I went in to see the doctor and has been picking him up from school and taking him home with her until Geary gets home from work.

Celina went grocery shopping for us and dropped off several bags of food full of easy to make meals that Geary can prepare for all of us.

Mary set up a meal rotation plan with the ladies of our church and several others have volunteered to help out by doing household chores.

Eldred just dropped by with some delicious looking spaghetti and ravioli from our family's favorite Italian restaurant in town. There was garlic bread, too!
And this adorable, funky, striped lion that I am completely in love with. The note attached says, "If this looks striped and strange--you probly are sick. His name is Elvis."

Even though I still feel like I've been hit by a truck, a huge weight has been lifted off of my heart knowing that we are being so well loved and taken care of. Thank you again and again and again to all of our friends and family who are "being the body" for us. We are truly blessed.


  1. Awesome. Talk about encouraging.

  2. Ah.. I am so thrilled that you have been taken care of.. I so wanted to drive out there and help out myself... brings tears to my eyes to know how much we can be loved by our family in Christ!

    Love ya.. and get better before your birthday.. it is against the law to be sick on your birthday!

  3. SO thankful you are being surrounded just the way the body was meant to do. we are all suffering because of your suffering and i'm so glad there are people closer to you that can help us all recover.


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