Monday, July 14, 2008

Keeping it Real

I should probably mop more than I do.

It's just that it's so much more fun to wash the baby!


  1. where you in the class when Bonnie Kopp talked about when she was first married she was crazy about cleaning her floor and felt like in order to be a good wife she had to clean it (I can't quite remember) like everyday or something like that. I remember her telling us that Tom peeled her off the floor and told her he would not allow her to clean the floor that day... cuz she was so tired. Your blog made me think about that! There is so much else to life than cleaning floors...!

  2. I totally remember that! I probably would have been mortified if people thought my floors were ever dirty in our first year of marriage.'s just reality. Sometimes we are total pigs in this house. There, I said it! Hee hee. :)


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