Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Frugally Green

I'm so excited to finally unveil a new blog project I've been working on with two friends from college.


Celina, Kristal, and I were all Upstairs R.A.s together in Memorial Dorm. And then Celina and I were Head R.A.s the year after that. And now all three of us are sharing our experiences and ideas on how to live in a way that is kind to the environment but also kind to our wallets. These two friends of mine have a lot of wisdom and I'm so honored to be on a team with them.

Go check it out!


  1. frugally green is launched...yippee! i'm so excited about this venture and hope it can be an encouragement and help to those kind enough to read it. hey-on a side note, thanks for your comment on my post. i felt insecure putting it out there and appreciate your thoughtful words.

  2. Frugally Green- It's official Jeana you are an Oregonian. Caring about the environment, making your own soap and now a website! I'm proud of you. You are very creative. And have many lessons to teach on being frugal, environmentally friendly and being healthy minded.


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