Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's like a HEAT WAVE! (but not)

It has been super hot here for the past few days. In the high 90s! I realize that to many of you readers in other parts of the country (California, Lousiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, and Florida) this is not that hot. But jumping from temperatures in the 60s to the 90s is a shock to our poor northwest systems. We're melting!

Yesterday we hung out at the farm and enjoyed their cool ceiling fan. Toby ate his first ice cream cone which was really cute. Lila bought water guns for this amazing project she and Nila are working on for the kids so Geary, Noah and I cooled off a little using those. It was really fun. Every time we leave the farm we think, "That was so nice! Why don't we go out there more often?" I guess life just tends to run away and drag us along for the ride. But we'd like to be more intentional about spending time with our family in town on a regular basis.

Today we walked to church. It was nice to have some good theology talk with my husband but by the time we got to church I was a wet, sweaty mess! I tried to clean up the bathroom before we walked in (over 20 minutes late!) to the service but I think most of prayers today were of the "Dear God, please don't let me stink and offend the person sitting next me!" variety.

After church we went to Fred Meyer and bought a little kiddie pool. Summer time is definitely here!

Updated 30 minutes later: It just started raining.


  1. this evening in Canby we had hail, rain, thunder and lightening . . . and it was over 80 degrees - weird!

  2. Sounds familiar! We are in the hot season, but it does rain a lot too. We are looking forward to Seattle weather...less humid!


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