Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Todays Project is brought to you by the letter 'I'

and also by the letters 'K', 'E', and 'A'

Before & After pictures coming soon.


  1. That's the same floor that we put in our house just a few short months ago! We love it.

  2. Oho, good luck with that. Did you know the Girl Guides in the UK are campaigning to have a "Flat Pack Assembly" merit badge created?

  3. @ Alison: Yep, the pictures you showed of your house were what made us consider Ikea for our flooring in the first place. Once we saw how it looked in a real house we were sold! So...thanks!

    @ Becky: Dude, I would have like 8 bazillion of those merit badges by now. They should just pin the little hex key and allen wrenches to their sashes.

  4. Hey, Linharts. I recently got Google analytics, and you are one of my top referring sites. I guess your friends are my friends. :) Thanks!


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