Friday, April 04, 2008

First Birthday Party

Tobin had a joint birthday party with his cousins, Analia (6) and Karissa (3). It was super fun to play outside with the kids at the farm. I made special cakes for each of the birthday kids and then it was gift-o-rama time. Tobin came home with some great new clothes and toys--thank you to all the generous gift givers! Thank you Lila and Eldred for hosting us at your house. And thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. We had a great time!
I made a monkey cake for my little Monkey Baby.

Feels squishy

First taste of cake

Mmm....sugar coma

Karissa's cake was a tutu (or "bawaweena dress" as she calls it)

Analia got a purse cake--she's a total fashionista!


  1. Jeana you are a spectacular cake maker! All three cakes look fantastic!

  2. Great cakes! They're absolutely beautiful. Oh, and Happy Birthday Tobin!


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