Monday, April 07, 2008

Dry Clean Only

I did something stupid. I left my cell phone in the back pocket of my jeans. And then I washed my jeans. And my phone.

I found the phone in pieces in the dryer. I gave a little, muffled, strangled sort of squeak and then showed Geary. It is completely ruined. I feel like such a moron!

When I went to the Verizon store today they informed that one of my only options is to purchase a new phone. So I looked around. The cheapest phone is $150. We have $113 that is supposed to last us until the 20th. So I asked, "Uh...what's my other option?"

They said they could reactivate any other cell phone I might already have as long as it has a digital receiver. "We don't do analog anymore."

So...did anyone get a new phone recently? Do you have an old digital cell phone you would just love to let me have/borrow/buy from you? I promise to only wash it in the delicate cycle...=(


  1. If only this happened a year ago. Last year my entire family got new cell phones (Allen, myself, my sister, my parents...). But we all lovingly handed the old ones over to the newest phone talker (Lizzie) who promptly lost every last one of them. I am sure there were a number of people who found them wherever she had left them, and thought what an irresponsible person leaving behind a cell phone and not even attempting to find it. If we discover any under the furniture I will let you know :-)

  2. jeana...we have several old phones that we don't use anymore. they are nothing fancy, but sonny assures me they're digital. if you're interested let me know and i can get you the model numbers and you can see if they'd work. one of them is a samsung phone with the verizon logo on it so maybe they would let you use that one?!? i hope so....buying a new phone for $150 when they are free at the beginning of your contract is LAME. when this happened to me we looked on craig's list for a used phone. only thing to watch out for-have the previous owner go to a verizon store with you and have it activated cuz ours was a reported stolen phone that i bought and then they can't activate it. live and learn:)


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