Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dr. Mario

Both boys are sick with runny noses and coughs. I, myself, have sinus pressure and sore throat. Geary has a headache. We had made plans to meet our friend Grace, and her new baby, at Ikea on Monday and I had to cancel. Today we were supposed to go to Bible Study. But the kids wouldn't have been allowed in child care. It has been a boring couple of days.

So what did we do? We got out my old Super Nintendo and I have been teaching Noah how to play Super Mario Brothers! He has been having a great time. My favorite thing is that he calls Luigi, "El Wedgie." As if he is a pair of too small spanish underwear.

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  1. Andrew got Super Paper Mario for Christmas, so he enjoys playing on the weekends. We were all sick last week. Hope you all feel better soon, so you can get to Ikea! :) I miss that place.


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