Friday, February 15, 2008

Three Unrelated Things

1. My sweet husband bought me these shoes. They. Are. Awesome. Super comfortable and super cute--I have had endless compliments on them since the first day I wore them.

2. To my friends who have read The Shack. Anyone else picture Queen Latifah as Papa?

3. Our dishwasher is broken. I don't even know who to call for repairs. A plumber? A small appliance vacuum repair type shop? Any advice would be great.


  1. jeana - that's too funny. I pictured a much older papa, more gray in her hair than black. I want to read it again. Maybe I'll try queen latifah next time.

  2. After you posted about those shoes I actually went out out on a limb and bought some online. They came a week or so ago and I love them. Now if only this weather would change so that I have the ability to wear them somewhere other than my house!
    Thanks for the suggestion!


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