Sunday, August 12, 2007

Noah James Day

A couple weeks ago Lila called and told us she and Eldred had something special to give to Noah. They wanted to make a whole day of celebrating Noah out at the farm. We decided that August 12th would be Noah James Day.

Today we loaded up in Bob's van and headed out to the farm. Noah was excited because he knew he was getting "something with wheels" from a clue Garyanna had given him. Geary and I were excited because we need something to distract us from obsessing about whether the owners will accept our offer on the house (pray!). When we got to Lila's house we saw this sign on the front door. (Click picture to enlarge)

We chatted for a little bit and then Eldred led Noah outside and behind the gazebo to find a Power Wheels Jeep! I think Noah was in shock. He was grinning but he couldn't say anything and just kept shaking his head like he couldn't believe there was a car his size. Eldred pulled the jeep out to the lawn and Noah spent a looooong time inspecting every inch of it. But he wouldn't get inside!
Finally, Geary and I decided to take the jeep for a walk with Noah. We coaxed him into the passenger seat and Geary pushed the gas pedal down with a stick. Then we said, "You would be easier if you would just scoot over and push the gas pedal yourself." Noah said, "Okay!" and scrambled over and took off driving. It was if he had been driving all his life.

It didn't take him long to figure out how to reverse and do three-point turns. He was quickly manuevering through obstacles like cut branches and garden hoses. He was a total pro! I don't think we got him out of the jeep for the rest of the day. He even ate dinner in it while listening to the radio.

Nila made a special place in her shed where Noah can park his jeep. So now he even has a garage. When he parked his car in there he decided to keep a water bottle, a cloth rag, and his drivers license (yes, they made one for him) inside the glove compartment.

Since it was Noah James Day we got to eat whatever Noah preferred. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream. Noah made two declarations on his day. 1) Let's make it Family Day! and 2) My jeep is named Mario!

It was a very fun and special day. I know Noah is going to want to visit the farm as often as possible, not just to spend time with Mario, but because Lila and Eldred are special to him. Thank you, Lila and Eldred, for a super fun day and for all the ways you demonstrated your love to Noah today. We love you and are so excited to (hopefully) have a home near you soon!


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