Thursday, June 28, 2007


Okay, this is my third attempt at posting this because the computer I'm working on has (gasp!) dial-up! So I keep losing connection and therefore keep losing my posts. Gah! But I finally got smart and am typing this in Word so I can just copy and paste and hopefully not lose connection in the time it takes to do that.

So, we made it! The move was...well, stressful. But it got done thanks to the super abilities of my husband and my wonderful brothers (Jared and Eric) and my mom. They were all superstars and worked so hard with many obstacles getting their way. But it's over, we made it, and now we're taking a little bit of a rest before house hunting!

I'm so excited to start looking for a house! My mom gave us some great leads and it's starting to look like something could really work out for us! Geary is at a conference in North Carolina until Saturday night. We plan to meet with a real estate agent on Monday and start seeing what's out there. Keep praying though--it's still a big uncertain adventure.

The boys are doing amazingly well! Toby has slept through the night every night so far and Noah is proudly telling everyone (and by everyone I mean the checker at Target, the gas station attendant, and the lady who cut his hair) that we don't live in Washington anymore but we live in Oregon in Grandma's house and pretty soon his cousin Lili will come to stay for a few days. Geary said, "Do you just feel the need to tell everyone?" And Noah looked at him incredulously and replied, "Yeah! I don't think everyone knows yet!" I half expected him to roll his eyes and say, "Duh."

Well, as I mentioned before, I don't have very reliable internet access so I don't know how much I'llbe able to post over the summer, but I'll try my best to keep you updated. Feel free to call our cell phones, though--we still have the same numbers. And for all our friends who already live in Oregon--we can't wait to reconnect with you and hang out soon!


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