Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Scariest Place

Noah and I were having some snuggle and story time while Toby napped. I was telling him the story of Rapunzel.

Jeana: So the witch pushed the prince out the window and he landed in a thorn bush!
Noah: Hey! That's like the Forest of Prinkles and Forns!
Jeana (laughing): The what?
Noah: The Forest of Prinkles and Forns! It's the scariest place. It has spiders and hawks and chasey bats!
Jeana: What are forns?
Noah: Like the pokey things on roses.
Jeana: And prinkles?
Noah: Like when you're in the bath for too long and your fingers get all prinkly. Okay. Finish the story.

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  1. Love it. That's definitely a kindergartenish thing to say!


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