Friday, April 27, 2007

Noah Quotes

After spinning around for a few seconds

"'s getting dizzy in here!"


Upon learning that someone hurt her ankle while running on a treadmill...

Noah: But how did she get up there in the first place?
Jeana: She just stepped on.
Noah: But didn't she get dizzy?
Jeana: I don't think so. Why would she get dizzy?
Noah: People get dizzy when they go 'round and 'round on a windmill.


While I was swaddling Tobin to get him ready for a nap...

"Mom, you're putting Toby down? Wow!"


During one of Toby's marathon nursing sessions...

Noah: Mom, when I was a baby, did you feed me all the time, too?
Jeana: Yep.
Noah: Thank you, Mommy. Thank you so much!


  1. so funny so cute! i like Noah quotes.

  2. To Noah: I think that you are pretty much the funniest kid I know/read about. I love reading the stories that your mom writes about you!!!

    BTW - our dossier (all the big important papers of ours) went to Lesotho today . . . they say 3-6 months . . . we'll see! But hey - it only took us 4 months to get through the "first trimester" :)
    Love an hugs!


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