Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Loving Jesus at Target

While shopping at Target, Noah was quietly singing "Jesus Loves Me."

Noah: Mom, do you know what song I'm singing?
Jeana: "Jesus Loves Me"?
Noah: Yeah. But do you know why I'm singing it?
Jeana: Why?
Noah: Because I don't love Jesus. But after I sing it a few more times I will.

About 10 minutes later...

Noah: Did you notice that I am still singing "Jesus Loves Me"?
Jeana: Yes. Do you love him yet?
Noah: Yeah, I'm singing it so that you can love him.
Jeana: Thank you. I do love him.
Noah: I know. I'm also singing it so everyone in Target can love him.


  1. I love that.
    Sometimes it does take work to love someone! ;)
    Cute story, thanks for sharing.
    I attended MBC in 96-97 and wondered if we knew each other; check out my blog, and if you want to be in touch post a comment with your email.
    Talk soon!

  2. Hi Dena! Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't get to MBC until '97 but we went to highschool together at Renton High! I remember you talking about going to Multnomah, but I had no idea I would end up there a few years later. =) I was friends with April Gentry and went to the same church as she did. Small world!


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