Saturday, April 14, 2007

Glow Baby

Toby had a little jaundice thanks to our blood types being incompatible (I'm O, he's A). He had to spend a few days (March 31st through April 3rd) on phototherapy lights. He's all better now and here are some pictures of our little glow worm.


  1. Sweet little glow baby!

    Jack was our little glow worm for a few days when he was a week old- the hardest part was trying to nurse him while attached to his hose, and his Daddy missed being able to walk around the house with him (yeah, maybe we went overboard, but we were trying to get him better fast, so we could attend Christmas celebrations without the machine!).

  2. I hear you on that! Nursing while trying to keep the bili-blanket on his back was near impossible. And not just being able to cuddle my newborn was heartbreaking! Thank God my mother in law was here to keep me sane. It was a really difficult few days.


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