Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why I bought only one box of Girl Scout Cookies

As Geary and I were finishing up a small purchase at Lowes, I noticed some Girl Scouts setting up a cookie table in the entry way. I asked Geary, "Should we support the troops?" He said, "Sure!" So, I made sure to get some cash back. We walked through the automated glass doors and smiled at the little Girl Scouts. They looked about 7 or 8 years old...and they also looked nervous. "Must be their first time selling," I thought.

The girls stood there, silent, while their moms exchanged glances and grimaces. Finally, I asked, "Are you selling cookies?" They nodded.

After a looooong awkward pause, I prodded again, "Do you have Samoas?" More nodding. Then more silence. The moms looked worried. I started to wonder if I had sprouted fangs or facial hair. Was my ginormous belly freaking them out?

One mother pushed her daughter forward and the girl kind of mumbled, "Four dollars."

I counted out four dollars thinking that if they had tried to sell me some cookies I would have had enough cash for three boxes. I didn't want to have to ask for more and they simply dropped the Samoas in my hands and scurried behind their table.

When we walked out of Lowes Geary pointed out that the moms were already giving "the selling lecture." I nodded and simply replied, "Yeah. Those two are SO not going to Girl Scout Camp."


  1. Wow. Much different from my experience this weekend at Walmart, when the girl scouts excitedly told me that ALL of thier cookies were especially good with milk!!

  2. Probably first-timers! Our girls are only six so we made the unanimous decision to not do the "public selling" this year, only hitting up friends and neighbors.

    Because of the nature of my job, I ended up giving the troop over $800 in $1 bills, and (thanks to my wonderful idea of "pre-pay if you're my co-worker", I had hundreds of boxes of cookies left over. It's a high turnover rate at my job, y'know.

    Now, I'm in cookie heaven. The new lemonades are to die for.


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