Wednesday, March 28, 2007

W is for Water...and also for What the what?

So, yeah. At 8:20, a mere hour after completing my last post, I stood up to go to the bathroom when suddenly I felt a small gush, like I was wetting my pants. I had ZERO control over the liquid coming out of my body. Did my water just break?

I sat on the toilet and definite urine came out, but the liquid in my pants had a pink tinge and didn't smell particularly urinish (yes, I did sniff, thank you very much). Also, when I wiped there was a pink tinge. But it wasn't a lot of liquid...but maybe my expectation was just wrong?

I called my doctor and now have an appointment to get checked 11:20. They promise to call if something opens up sooner. For now I'm a little dumbfounded.

What the what? We were just at the hospital! In fact, as we were leaving last night, in the parking lot of the hospital, I said to Geary, "Wouldn't it be absolutely hilarious if my water broke right now? 'Hi! We're back! Did you miss us?'" Har har har.

What the what? 11:20! I thought that when a woman's water breaks everyone is supposed to jump into a state of frenzy and get her in to see the doctor right now! Okay, maybe they will call in a few minutes and I can come in right now. Because I don't know if I can hang out at home not knowing for another two hours!

What the what? I think I am leaking. I also didn't expect to be live blogging my labor. Still no contractions but I'm learning to not have any expectations for this adventure.

Hopefully, the next post will be "B is Baby...and also for Birth Story."


  1. Well, it's now 11:24 and I reading this and praying for you.

  2. I'm praying for a healthy birth!

  3. Yeah that's a little strange. When my water broke, my doctor said "meet me at the hospital!" and off I went. And then they told me that "once your water breaks, you WILL have this child within 24 hours, no matter how he's coming out".

    Anywho. Congratulations. *huggles* Looking forward to pictures!


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