Sunday, March 25, 2007

38 and 1/2 weeks

I've been having mild contractions for the last week or so. They are not painful and they are not consistent. I can definitely walk and talk through them. But in the last couple days there have been a few contractions that have forced me to pause and concentrate through. I've even started asking Geary to apply some counterpressure. I know these are more than Braxton Hicks because I can feel them in my back as well"down there." Also, this might be TMI for some of you, but just a few minutes ago when I was in the bathroom, there was a little bit of mucus when I wiped. So something is definitely going on!

If I don't go into labor before then, my next OB appointment is on Tuesday. I'm going to make sure she checks to see if I'm dialated or effaced at all. Please pray for us! We're feeling all sorts of emotions--excitement, nervousness, stress, etc.

Noah and Geary have been champs at helping me feel more comfortable. Geary has been very generous with back rubs and Noah has appointed himself "Official Water Bottle Filler."

More updates soon!


  1. Wahoo! You are going to have a baby!!! The same mucus thing happened to me, a little surprising when you aren't used to anything going on there for 9 months. Maybe our babies will be born on the same day!!

  2. Awesome, Annie! That would be amazing if our babies were born on the same day since we found out we were pregnant on the same day! It's really happening!


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