Monday, February 19, 2007

Best Date Ever

Saturday morning, Noah and I went shopping with my mom (a.k.a. Granny). When we were done I drove home but Noah got to stay behind and spend the night. Since we were kidless, I suggested going to see a movie. But Geary more than one-upped me. He took me on the best date ever.

First, he offered to take me to an Indian restaurant that I've been wanting to go to but haven't had to opportunity. We ended up going to a different restaurant because of time constraints, but just the offer of going to a place which serves food that I love but that Geary really doesn't enjoy was hugely romantic.

The restaurant we did go to was fun and we had great conversation. Great conversation! The way he was paying attention to me and asking thoughtful questions was also hugely romantic. And this is not saying that Geary doesn't usually pay attention to me. He's a great husband, but that night he was extra attentive and it made me feel really special.

After dinner, we saw the movie, Bridge to Terabithia. I had read the book several times and after seeing the previews was really curious about the movie. The previews made the movie look like a kind of Narnian adventure, but the fantasy parts of the movie are actually really brief and not really part of the main plot. I was glad to see that the movie was very true to the book and re-told the story in a beautiful way. I highly recommend it. I also recommend holding hands and sharing tender looks throughout the movie--hugely romantic!

After we got home, Geary gave me a wonderful foot rub and then...ha, as if I would share that part with you!

The next morning, the date continued! He went out and bought me breakfast and we had a lazy morning reading the paper and chatting. We decided to run some errands and get some lunch. We ended up finding the Central Market in Mill Creek and to our surprise a whole bunch of new shops had been built all around it. It was very Redmond Town Center/University Village fancy pants yuppie mall looking (and we did notice an unusual number of Jaguars parked in the parking lot). So we had salad from Central Market and ate outside on the tables at Starbucks.

After lunch we browsed in some of the chi-chi shops. One was a kid's clothing store called Lil' Lads and Lasses, but their logo made the L in Lasses kind of disappear (it blended in with the d at the end of and) so we had a good time making fun of Lads and Asses. We also made fun of their price tags. $60 for a white t-shirt with a line drawing of a giraffe on it! Crazy rich people.

They also had a UW bookstore where we wandered and browsed for a long time. Bookstores can be dangerous places for bibliophiles like us, but we managed to leave with only a small toy for Noah and a deck of card trick teaching cards that we found in the clearance bin.

Then, then, hugely romantic Geary treated me to ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery! We shared a cup of custom made by me ice cream and tried out some of the new card tricks. Oh, and there was more hand holding and thoughtful questions.

When we got home, Geary tucked me into bed for a relaxing nap before Noah came home. It was a really good weekend and I felt so pampered and loved by my husband. Even though everything we did was simple, just the time spent together and the constant message I got from my husband that he wanted to please me made me feel like a princess. Thank you, Geary, for being so self sacrificing, tender, thoughtful, and romantic. I love spending time with you and I'm so glad you gave me this weekend to bask in your love.

Thanks, too, to Granny, Grandpa, and Uncle Jared for keeping Noah overnight. He had a fantastic time with you and I'm sure he appreciated coming home to a relaxed and refreshed Mommy!


  1. Way to honor your wife, Geary. I loved the boy you were but I am so proud of the man you have become.


  2. Sounds like fun! And hugely romantic too.


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