Friday, December 01, 2006

Bouncy Birthday

Noah's birthday was a great success! He woke up and called out, "Good morning, Mom! I'm FOUR today!!!"

We went to Toys R Us for a special birthday trip. When we got there he was given the Special Birthday Treatment which included a crown, balloon, toys, sheriff's badge, and super special birthday shopping cart. As a added bonus, the employees announced over the intercom, "Attention shoppers! We have a very special guest with us today! His name is Noah and today is his fourth birthday! If you see him make sure to say Happy Birthday, Noah!"

Noah was giddy! Tons of people said hello and happy birthday. I'm pretty sure he thought he was famous.

After Toys R Us we had a special lunch at McDonalds (a rare treat for Noah) and then headed over to Pump it Up for his party.

14 kids bounced and ran and slid and tumbled for an hour on several giant inflatables. Then we all gathered in a party room for cupcakes, juice, and presents. It was a really fun day. Best quote:
"This is best birthday I've ever had!"
--Analia Johnson

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