Sunday, November 26, 2006

Gifts & Thank Yous

We've gotten to know our mail carrier this month because we keep getting packages!

Papa (Jeana's Grandpa in California) sent Noah these great construction trucks for his birthday. Noah really enjoys playing with them and so far he's found lots of items (like toy cars, measuring cups, markers, etc) to load up and dump out with them. Thank you, Papa! We love you!

Grandma Vera (Jeana's grandmother, also from California) sent this awesome train to Noah for his birthday. It came with a huge track and it really blows steam! Thank you so much, Grandma Vera! We love you!

My friend Julie made these gorgeous stockings for Noah and the new baby. I cannot praise her work enough and these pictures do not do them justice--they are just beautiful!

Julie also made these adorable layettes for the baby. One in navy blue and one in burgundy. They are incredibly well made and so soft and luxurious feeling. I appreciate that she chose neutral colors that are not yellow or green. Our baby will look so precious wearing these things! Thank you, Julie--you are a blessing to us!

And my friend Danielle sent this cute little puppy outfit along with a bottle warmer, bottles, and bottle brush, and a special magna doodle for Noah. It's been so exciting to already receive gifts for this baby. I feel that by sharing the baby with everyone so early on and asking for prayer, everyone already has a special place in their hearts for this little one. It really is "our" baby. Thanks, Dani--you are a true friend and I'm so thankful to have you in my life!


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