Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Papa and Grandma!

We went to California over Labor Day weekend to celebrate my Grandma's (dad's mom) 75th birthday and my Papa's (mom's dad) 80th birthday. Both parties were lots of fun and we had a really good time visiting with relatives. This is my Grandma Vera and my Grandpa Lou. Doesn't she look adorable in her red shoes? Grandma's party was a surprise party and she was REALLY surprised. It was kind of a fancy party so here my two boys looking kind of fancy.
This is my cousin Abigail with Noah. We ate dinner at The Elephant Bar and the kid's menus came with these safari jungle glasses.

This is my wonderful Papa. I'm pretty sure Noah and Papa fell in love with each other on this trip. One thing that totally won Noah over was Papa feeding Noah ice cream and french fries for lunch. Of course the endless hours of coloring, playing hide and seek, and conversations with Curious George helped, too.


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