Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Lessons From Parenthood

Every night Noah prays before bedtime and I love listening to him recount his day to Jesus. I love to hear him say stuff like, "thank you I fell down and didn't cry" or "thank you my daddy read me stories today." It used to amuse me that Noah would start his prayers with "You're Jesus" instead of "Dear Jesus." But amusement has given way to awe and humility as I realize how correct Noah actually is. I need to pray starting with "You're Jesus." I need to recognize that HE is the King, not me. To acknowledge his sovereignty, power, grace, and love...he's Jesus.

You're gave me an incredible child who teaches me about you daily. Thank you for the wisdom you give to small children. Thank you for opening my eyes to see you in new way. Amen.


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