Friday, October 07, 2005

Embarrassing Moment

I can't believe that someday Noah will want to walk 10 feet behind me at the mall for fear that I will embarrass him...I think it should be my right to embarrass him after what he did to me today at Target...

Noah: (very loudly) Mom! Mom! Listen to me!
Jeana: Okay I'm listening.
Noah: You can't hit little boys anymore! Got it? No hitting boys!
Jeana: (looks around mortified) Right, no hitting...
Noah: And Mom! You can't say "dammit!"
Jeana: That's right, we don't say that.
Noah: You can't say "shut up!"
Jeana: Okay, let's use our inside voice...
Noah: Mom! Don't hurt me anymore! Got it?

Finally I just asked (pretty loudly), "Noah, do I ever hurt you on purpose?" He happily answered, "No" and that pretty much ended it. But I'm sure my face was still red. Geesh!


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