Thursday, July 28, 2005

Papa John, Grandma Mary, and Cousin Eric

After the picnic at the farm, John, Mary, and Eric Linhart came up to Seattle to visit with the Johnsons and us. We all love them like crazy, but Noah had an especially great time bonding with them. He really attached himself to Eric and it was so fun to see them playing with trucks, trains, and baby dolls (yes, baby dolls...but they belonged to Lili so...). After big day of playing with the Linharts (including a trip to the toy store!) Noah said this bedtime prayer:

Dear Jesus, wank you Eric pwaying my airplane. Wank you Papa John, Grandma Mary. Wank you much my new trains. I love Eric my buddy. Um. Wank you Lili. Wank you hugs. Amen.


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