Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bookie Monster

Okay, I think I read books the way Cookie Monster eats cookies. I devour them! We went to the library last Friday. I checked out 13 books. I have one left to read. I think I have always been like this. I can remember going to B. Dalton with my mom to get the newest Babysitters Club or Saddle Club books. They usually came out with 2 or 3 at a time. As soon as the books were paid for I was reading them. Walking through the mall, in the car, holed up in my room. After a few hours I would emerge from my reading cave slightly dazed with new vocabulary and fresh stories still swimming in my head. I always feel very satisfied and yet, kind of mornful...because I need moooorrreee bookies! Arghrraraaarararr!


  1. well done on the cookie monster sound effect. Can't imagine what life will be like on July 16 at your house:

    Geary: "Jeana, Jeana, where are you?" *** opens closet door ***
    Jeana: *** shining flashlight into Geary's face *** "Not now Geary, Harry just saw the Snitch and Ron had this great save and..." *** closing closet door ***


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