Friday, June 10, 2005

And now back to our regular scheduled program...

Last night I had my Small Group over for dinner and Noah was the supreme entertainment of the night. Here's a highlight:
Napkin Peekaboo
Molly (hiding her face with a napkin): You can't see me!
Noah (looking at me questioningly): Mommy?
Jeana: Her name is Molly.
Noah: Oh. Okay! Molly! Where are you? Molly?
(A short time later) Molly: You can't see me!
Noah: Um...Mary? Manny? Buddy, where are you? Buddy?

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  1. When I read blurbs like this I'd like to think that credit is due to me. Granted, Noah is incredibly intelligent because he has learned early the secret to finding a generic name that is endearing that can be pulled out when you've temporarily misplaced the subjects actual name. Danged he's cute!


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