Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hello Boy. Hello Girl.

Last night we had dinner with Grandma Lila, Grandpa Eldred, and the Johnsons. Lili, EJ, and Noah were playing with a Magna Doodle. Noah would tell EJ what to draw or Eric would draw something and ask the kids to identify it. It was kind of like watching a toddler's Rorschach Test.

When this drawing came up (reproduction) Noah immediately said, "Car!" But Lili said, "Hey! That's a purse!"


  1. Okay, your Rorschach link really scared me!

  2. You actually did recreate and blog it! You're hilarious. I can't wait to have Analia and Noah grow up and laugh at themselves for doing these things.

  3. OK, so I just did the ink blot test. I can't believe you found this link. That's perfect. Not quite the analysis I was expecting, though ... yeesh.


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